Cheesy Kale Chips

Making the video for this recipe just got me excited about them all over again, so I wanted to do a quick post on them.

Every time I make a batch of these, I end up eating them all within about a half hour, which is pretty rad considering they’re packed with iron, vitamin c, protein, amino acids, vitamin b12, and a bunch of other stuff you want in your body. No fillers, only goodness.

Ingredient List:
1  bunch kale
1  bell pepper
1 c soaked walnuts
1/2 c nutritional yeast
1/4 c maple syrup
2T lemon juice
1/2 t salt
1/2 t cayenne

Step 1. Soak nuts overnight and then strain them.

Step 2. Place nuts in food processor, add roughly chopped bell pepper and all remaining ingredients. Pulse ingredients until mixture is well blended.

Step 3. Coat kale leaves with the mixture – really massage it in there!
kale chips 3

Step 4.  Spread leaves on dehydrator sheet or on cookie sheet with wax paper.
kale chips 2

Step 5. Dehydrate overnight or bake at about 200 degrees until the leaves are crispy – try to flip them about halfway through.

Step 6. Eat the crap out of them.

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Making Videos at Tastemade

tastemade front door

I was in LA for the past week for a REALLY exciting new project – I’m making recipe videos for Tastemade with my friend Eric.

tastemade cheery kitchen

The kitchen was unbelievably beautiful, and everyone at Tastemade was so awesome.

tastemade kale chips

I am…uh.. pretty awkward, especially when I’m put on the spot, so it took a little while (and a 9am beer) to loosen up a bit.

tastemade pudding ingredients

Here’s a layout of all the ingredients we used for the chocolate avocado pudding video.

tastemade kitchen w/ eric

Can’t wait to share the videos with you!

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Clean Out Your Fridge Detox Soup


I’ve been eating terribly lately. The fastest way for me to get back on track, without feeling overwhelmed, is to just focus on putting as many fruits and vegetables into my body as possible, in every way possible.

BUT, you can only eat SO MANY salads, amiright? I found this recipe by yogi Tara Stiles a few weeks back, and have been making it ever since. The awesome thing about it is that requires zero precision. You can just use whatever veggies you have lying around.

For this one, I used a bunch of roasted squash and passilla peppers, along with some greens. I just threw it in the blender with some coconut milk and threw some avocado on top.

It’s a really great thing to keep in your fridge to have on had for when you get home and are starving and would EAT ANYTHING that was put in front of you.

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Advice from Grandma


I found my grandma’s “how to be happy” reminder note while cleaning out my grandparents’ house in the Sunset District of SF. They were both born and raised San Francisco, and when they married they moved into this house and lived there together for 63 years. This little card was on the inside of a kitchen cupboard.


Sweet Potato Fries

5-6 large sweet potatoes
1/2 cup olive oil
1 t salt
fresh herbs to taste

1. Preheat oven to 425°F.
2. Slice potatoes into fry shapes.
3. Soak potatoes in cold water for 30-60 minutes to remove some of the starchiness.
4. Strain the water out and place potatoes back in bowl.
5. Toss potatoes with olive oil, salt and herbs.
6. Spread on cookie sheet and bake for about 40 minutes, turning the fries halfway through.
7. Remove from oven when they start to brown and crisp up. That’s it!

sweet potatoes are:
rich in fiber
good source of maganese and beta-carotene
rich in vitamins A and E
promote cardiovascular health

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Protein Freezer Fudge

fudge1 full (16 ounce) jar of raw almond butter
1/2 c maple syrup
2 T coconut oil
1/2 c cocoa powder
1/2 c vegan protein powder
1 t coarse sea salt

This one is VERY easy. You can omit the protein powder if it makes you feel like too much of a… brosef?

1. Put almond butter, maple syrup, and coconut oil in food processor. Blend for 5-10 seconds.
2. Add cocoa powder and protein powder. Blend again.
3. Add sea salt and just pulse for a few seconds. (You want the be able to taste the salt crystals!)

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Chocolate Pudding

This is the kind of recipe that makes me so excited about raw vegan food. IT IS MAGIC. The unbelievable texture, the light fluffy creaminess, how easy it is to make – everything. It’s the best.

ALSO it’s great frozen!

ALSO i often eat it for breakfast!

2 large avocados
½ cup maple syrup
½ cup cocoa powder
3 T coconut oil
1/2 t balsamic
1/2 t. nama shoyu/tamari/soy sauce
¼ t salt

Basically you just dump everything in the food processor and blend, but if you need more help than that, here‘s a video of me explaining it all in my monotone/man voice.

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Simple Salad Dressing


super simple recipe:
lemon juice (of 3-4 lemons)
1/2c olive oil
1/4c raw apple cider vinegar
1T raw honey
pinch of salt

dump it all in a jar, and just shake it up.

it’ll last you through the week (and encourage you to eat your greens!)


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My Main Man: Raspberry Soft-Serve

I’m only slightly ashamed to say that this has served as my dinner on many a night. I don’t say this in a holier-than-thou “i’m SO CRAZY i eat SO healthy i just CAN’T HELP IT TEE HEE” kind of way either – it’s often followed up with a giant bowl of popcorn and/or beers aplenty.

However, this stuff is my jam. The only thing is, it requires always having frozen berries on hand. I buy about 10 packages every week and a half or so…. which apparently is just enough to make the Trader Joe’s checkout lady ask what you do with all those effin berries, because you OBVIOUSLY eat alone.


Here’s what I do: 1 bag of frozen raspberries, 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, stevia, and a couple tablespoons of vegan protein powder for good measure.


The result is a thick, outrageously brightly colored soft-serve that’s incredibly satisfying and filling.


benefits of raspberries:
high in manganese required for proper estrogen balance
rich in antioxidants
disease-fighting phytochemicals
high in fiber and promote gastrointestinal health

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Cinnamon Toast: Let Me Upgrade Ya


Ok, so cinnamon toast is OBVIOUSLY the best breakfast ever. It’s been my favorite since I was 7 years old, dumping sugar all over a heavily-buttered piece of toast. (Whole wheat though! Mama Miller did not allow white bread in the house.)

Anyway, if I ate all that now, I’d have an insane sugar crash 20 mins later. This is my upgrade.

Ezekiel complete-protein bread
coconut oil

This is a really good time to use xylitol, because it doesn’t spike your blood sugar, but still has that grainy sugary texture!

Try it. It’s delicious.